Electrolysis Treatment at Rejuvenate Laser & Skin Clinic
Electrolysis Treatment at Rejuvenate Laser & Skin Clinic
Electrolysis Treatment at Rejuvenate Laser & Skin Clinic



Electrolysis works when a fine sterile probe is inserted into each individual hair follicle and sends a focussed amount of heat to the tissue and surrounding hair follicle. This damages the hair follicle as well as the stem cell surrounding the follicle that allows the hair to grow.

The treatment differs from laser hair removal as laser uses a light system that is attracted to the melanin of the hair follicle. Not all hair follicles have enough melanin to attract the laser however, therefore it is generally not effective for white, grey, red and blonde hair while electrolysis can treat all types of hair colours. Electrolysis also remains the only medically proven method for permanent hair removal.

Following each electrolysis session, your hair will become noticeably smaller and finer, and it will take much longer for it to grow back. A series of treatments are required to remove the unwanted hair permanently, where the average is typically 8 – 12 sessions, however once the hairs are removed, they are removed permanently. Sessions should be spaced at around every 4 weeks.

The treatment is non invasive, however the individual may experience a mild heat sensation from the current which allows the hair to detach from the follicle and slide out. While every person responds differently, some redness and swelling may occur, however this will usually subside within a few hours to a few days. It is rare for there to be scabbing or tiny blisters, however if this will generally clear within a few days and will not be permanent.



A low current is directed onto the surface of the skin where the red vein is present. By doing so, it coagulates and removes the red vein/capillary immediately. You will see immediately post session that the skin will be a little lighter in tone and the redness from the vein will have completely vanished as the blood in the veins will have been reabsorbed into the body.

This treatment isn’t painful, however you may feel a slight stinging sensation when the heat is applied to the area.

The amount of sessions you will need will depend on how big the vein is however it is very likely you will notice a big difference in one appointment though you may need two or three treatments to achieve the required results. If you did need multiple appointments, these would be spaced at every 4 weeks.

There is generally no downtime to this treatment, however in some cases, you may see some small crusts which look like tiny scratches forming over the area in the 7 to 10 days after treatment. There is no treatment required for this and they will disappear on their own.



Electrolysis is used where a slender needle is used to cauterise the skin tag causing the blemish to disappear almost immediately. Following treatment you may notice a small scab or a dry red mark however these will be very small in size and will generally clear within 7-10 days post treatment leaving the skin clear with no sign the skin tag ever existed. Generally only one session is required for removal.



Electrolysis is used where a slender needle is used to cauterise the blood spot which is then easily removed through the application of heat. The blood residing in the vein beneath the skin surface is then reabsorbed into the body, causing the red appearance to vanish. You may notice some swelling post treatment and it may also appear redder than it was. This is all normal and will go away within a day or two. During this time, some scabs will form and then heal on its own, by which time the blood will have reabsorbed. It may take a couple of weeks for the treated area to return to the same colouring as the surrounding skin. A single treatment is normally enough to remove an individual cherry angioma.

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