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Danielle is our Registered Nurse that graduated from Griffith University and then continued on to pursue studies in Cosmetic Nursing. Having a passion for Cosmetic Nursing, she has an eye for detail and prides herself on being committed to providing her clients with a personable and honest approach. She loves meeting new people, building rapports and is committed to delivering natural and aesthetically beautiful results personalised to each individual client. Her friendly and caring disposition provides an environment that allows you to feel comfortable and confident in her ability to listen and deliver the results you are after, each and every time.


Anti-Wrinkle Price Per Unit
Type A $3.95
Type B $11.00

Anti Wrinkle Upper Face
(Prices may vary for some individuals due to stronger muscles requiring higher doses)
Forehead (light) – $100
Forehead (heavy) – $150
Frown lines from – from $200
Crows feet from – from $200
Brow Lift – $99

Anti Wrinkle Lower Face
Bunny Lines – $99
Lip Inversion – $99
Chin Dimpling – $99
Jaw Slimming (masseters) – $550

Dermal Fillers Lips
Lips (thin filler) 1 ml – $389
Lips (thick filler) 1ml – $599
Lips (thin filler) 0.5ml – $275
Lips (thick filler) 0.5ml – $375

Dermal Fillers
(Premium range lasting 12-24 months)
Cheeks 1ml – $650
Cheeks 2ml – $1,200
Marionettes – $599
Nasolabial Folds – $599
Jawline – $599

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Danielle Trayes Aesthetics

Danielle Trayes Aesthetics

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