Focused Ultrasound Body Shaping

Our Ultrasound Body Contouring works by targeting fat cells in the adipose tissue with high-frequency sound waves that shake the cell membrance to the point of rupture. This process breaks down and disperses the fat tissue which is then taken on my the lymph system, exiting the body through urine and bowel movements. Ultrasound Body Contouring treatment only works on the targeted unwanted fat cells and does not cause damage to surrounding healthy skin tissue. The entire bodily process takes several days to complete following treatment which is why sessions are spaces with at least a 3 day gap (weekly sessions are ideal). Benefits include:

  • Non surgical and non invasice alternative to liposuction and cellulitre removal
  • No post treatment downtime so you can get on with your daily activities as usual
  • Treatment is painless witj instant results that get better over time
  • Treatment can be done on virtually any part of the body

$50 for an A4 sized area of treatment

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